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New "Delicious Healthy Shake"

Organo Gold has gone into the Weight Loss industry after launching the NEW Delicious Healthy "OGX Fenix" Shake. People are losing (managing) weight by drinking the meal replacement shake.

    OGX Fenix Shake (1 lb 14 oz Gluten Free) OGX Fenix shake pictures
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Video: Holton Buggs launches the "OGX Fenix" Shake in Tampa, FLA (Sept 3, 2016)

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   Search Engine Optimization - SEO Traffic TipsFamed Boxer Manny Pacquiao has been known to use a number of Organo's products, but his favorite product is the Gourmet Cafe Latte.  Try it out for yourself so you can wake up like a champion.  Hit the Buy Now Button Gourmet Cafe Latte!   cup of OG Latte Coffee

        It took Organo eight (8) years to earn $2 Billion with the sales of "Delicious Healthy Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate...", but now OG estimates to earn $2 Billion in sales in just the next two (2) years with the addition of the new "OGX Fenix Shake"...The new shake is hot because it tastes great & giving good results!...Try One Bag of Shake for 30 days.

Before and After Shots - Weight Loss of the "OGX Fenix"

before and after shots of weight loss


"ORGANO GOLD" is now "ORGANO"; Wave #2 is the second chance opportunity of OG 2020...
Organo has a Global Market product with No Cap - "Coffee" is everywhere and it's limitless. Everyone understands OG's products...OG products all have the purist form of the Miraculous Chinese Herb "
100% Certified Ganoderma Lucidium Extract (Reishi Mushrooom)"...the herb is having so many positive health effects. "Why drink unhealthy coffee when you can drink delicious "Latte" or "King Black" (healthy gourmet coffee) without the jitters or the crash?" Red or Green Tea, Ice Tea, Te Amo Decaf, "OGX Fenix" Shake, Hot Chocolate, or the nutraceutical form of Ganoderma itself. There are so many testimonials. Try out the products and you'll see...

Organo's products

OG is in all 50 states...and so far, OG has now launched in 53 countries with the goal of capturing 1% of the world's coffee market. OG is absolutely exploding right now with the addition of the shake (Bolivia, Romania, Japan, Mexico, etc.). Coffee is the second largest traded commodity in the world behind oil, and Weight Loss is a huge industry (Health and Wellness market is $3.4 Trillion).


 manny pacquiao endorses Organo
Greg Norman is onboard as the Global Brand Ambassador for OG. OG established an exclusive agreement with Napolean Hill. Manny Pacquiao endorses OG. The CEO of Herbalife has joined OG.


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